Armstrong, Pantani, and ‘Ventoux’

As a cycling fan I went to some lengths to see the stage production of Ventoux, currently touring in the … More


Chasing down Lance Armstrong

Review of David Walsh’s book Seven Deadly Sins. “it takes a certain kind of craziness to stay with a story for fourteen years, especially when it’s damaging your reputation, and even your closest friends are telling you it’s time to lay off the Lance stuff for a while for your own good.”

Lance and the return of the repressed

Lance’s limited but significant confession on the Oprah Winfrey Show sent me back to USADA’s “Reasoned Decision” – their report … More


Nosing out the Armstrong scandal

Perhaps it’s coincidence that the two journalists who have pursued Lance Armstrong most assiduously – David Walsh and the former … More


Armstrong’s former teammates

An interesting spat at the launch of the Tour of California between the cyclist Lance Armstrong and the former cyclist, now … More