I.M. Philip Madoc

A few years ago I saw the Welsh actor Philip Madoc, who has died this week, performing Under Milk Wood with Stan Tracey’s quartet at the Brecon Jazz Festival. Tracey’s composition – now more than 40 years old – is one of the outstanding moments of British jazz; Tracey seems to be tuned in to both the tone and story of Dylan Thomas’ play. The performance at Brecon was simple enough: Madoc read some extracts from the play in between (sometimes during) the music, bringing both alive with his sonorous Welsh voice and underlining the connections between play and music. I thought the record of the performance had been deleted, but it seems I was wrong. It is an interesting version of Tracey’s Under Milk Wood Suite and a fitting memorial to Philip Madoc.

The sleeve of the recording of the collaboration between Stan Tracey and Philip Madoc is from Trio Records, and is used with thanks.


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