Beatles Rock Band 1 Paul McCartney 0

While it’s still possible to mention the Times and have people see it for themselves – before the great paywall of Rupert comes tumbling down – I thought I’d mention an amusing question in Robert Crampton’s interview with Paul McCartney today.

Crampton’s first question is whether McCartney’s played Beatles Rock Band yet:

“Yeah,” McCartney says, once I’ve been ushered inside, “my assistant showed me how to set it up ’cos I’m not Mr Tech. I lost twice. On Easy.” You lost on Easy trying to simulate songs you wrote in the first place? “Yeah, and I was playing bass, I’m ashamed to say. It’s all red and green and yellow buttons. I said, ‘Can we start this again?’ ”

In terms of the Beatles, I preferred Lennon’s sharpness – in every sense of the word. But McCartney comes across very well in Crampton’s account – as a human being, despite his hundreds of millions – as he also does in John Deering’s engaging cycling book Team On The Run.

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