The wrong genre

Kelly Sotherton, by Phil McElhinney
Kelly Sotherton, by Phil McElhinney

You get so used to the routines – or cliches – of sports interviews that it’s always refreshing when something breaks out of the frame. In this week’s Sport magazine, the heptathlete Kelly Sotherton is asked:

If you were writing the novel of Kelly Sotherton’s life, how would it end?

Of course, what the question is supposed to do is to invite the athlete to imagine themselves in the classic ‘sports biopic’, where they come from behind to clinch an elusive world title against their long-standing arch-rival.

What she actually answered was this:

It would be a horror – like Steven King – and I’d be found dead, half-eaten by my cats in my living room. Or something like that.

The journalist was so surprised they had to ask the question a second time, a different way around (“Let’s phrase that another way”). Definitely more John Carpenter than Any Given Sunday.

The great photograph at the top of this post was taken by Phil McElhinney – see his photostream on Flickr here.

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