Once an activist…

13 July 2008

There’s a heartening story about the veteran American singer and radical, Pete Seeger, who’s now 89, in an article by David Rothenburg in the current issue of the ecological magazine Resurgence. It turns out that six years ago, at the age of 83, he instigated an annual river race – ‘the great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim’ in his home town of Beacon to celebrate the fact that the river was now clean enough to swim in – while also trying to raise money for a lined swimming pool in the river so it was safe for everyone to swim in. Words like redoubtable and irrepressible come to mind.

(The picture is of Seeger, aged 79, singing at a concert to honour Woody Guthrie. It is from Woody Guthrie Links, a treasure trove of Guthrie-related material.)


3 Responses to “Once an activist…”

  1. moy paterson Says:

    Does your heart good to see the man – and all those like him.

  2. […] and a whole body of Scottish and Irish and international (mostly American) music, including Pete Seeger and Paul Robesen – track list and review at Musical Traditions), and a book about the label […]

  3. […] from his activism, and as an activist, he never quit. I’ve blogged here before about his campaign to clean up the Hudson River, and at the age of  92 he was recording Dylan’s “Forever […]

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