Cycling and painting

If you have seen my futures blog, the next wave, you may know that I am a fan of cycling and cycle racing. So imagine my surprise when reading an obituary of a painter I didn’t know of, Simon Black, to see it illustrated by a wonderful picture of a local race meeting.

Simon Black

There’s a description at the gallery that represents his work of how the picture came about:

“This was commissioned by a collector of mine with a particular interest in cycle racing. The subject was a gift to me in terms of its inherent dynamism and indeed its bizarre qualities. After observing and photographing a race, my desire was to encapsulate a number of different facets of the activity in the painting. I enjoyed the details, costumes and colours of the cyclists and set them against an expansive perspective leading to the horizon to accentuate the drama and dynamics of the event. The composition and size of the canvas was particularly inspired by Uccello’s Battle of San Romano (National Gallery).”

Worth clicking through to the Uccello picture to see what he means by this, by the way.


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